Roy Poper

(Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra,

Studio Trumpeter and Professor of Trumpet,

Oberlin Conservatory.)

"Ken Larson's GFT trumpets are among the very finest made today. I have three of them (the Bb, C, and Eb/D) and they all share the superior qualities that Ken's instruments are well known for: excellent pitch, great tonal balance, and accurate response. These are truly 'musical instruments' and assist the player in creating artistic performances. I couldn't be more pleased."

Mark Lord

(Former principal trumpet Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, Relief Trumpet Player for the Reno MGM Hello Hollywood Show and currently a Reno freelance musician and teacher)

"In general, instrumentalists want an instrument that fits like a comfortable slipper. You really need to find an instrument that is comfortable to the individual player. This is a big reason why Ken's trumpets are so unique and valuable - because they are built to the individual's needs.

Specifically, my experience as a trumpet player has always been to look for a great sounding instrument and this search has led me to try and own several vintage instruments. For me some of the old Mt. Vernon, Burbank Benge and Besson instruments have such a beautiful sound that it inspires both the player and listener. But more often than not, certain things are not so easy to play on these instruments, even if you can find one in good playing condition (problems with intonation and eveness in all ranges for example). I've often felt that the new, precision built instruments available the last few years play with fantastic ease and intonation but the sound is sometimes limited in it's spectrum.

For a very reasonable price Ken truly has put together trumpets with the heart and soul of the old classics and the precision and ease of the new top line instruments. In my view he has succeeded in finding the perfect balance between Art and Science. Lucky for us trumpet players!"