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Trumpets built to fit your needs.

The Process

The Process


Leadpipes and Tuning Slides

Leadpipe Tapers:

  • “O” Free blowing Orchestral sound, designed specifically for C trumpet to make the G at the top of the staff manageable. It’s like a Bach #7 on steroids. Also works very well with the Bb if you want you trumpets to match

  • “L”  Long tapered pipe great for C trumpet. More resistant than the “O” pipe Great for Orchestral work as well as solo and chamber settings.

  • “OT” Somewhere between the “O” and the “L” more ope than the “L” great for C or Bb trumpet

  • “N” designed specifically for the New York Narrow tuning slide. Works well on Bb or dense Brilliant core. Free blowing with excellent slotting

  • “5” similar to a Bach 25 taper good all around taper. Best for Bb also available in a reversed stye for the Bb trumpet.

  • All pipes available in a hidden reversed style for C Trumpet. Standard construction for Bb or the “5” pipe can be built in a reversed style for Bb.

Bb Trumpet Leadpipes

4 tapers are available as well as different materials used in the construction of the leadpipe. The venturi of the pipe is precisely matched to the individual player.

Prices start at $250 U.S.  

C Trumpet Leadpipes

  • Reverse Style

  • "H" Style

  • "A" Style

Dimensionally similar to existing Bach and Malone pipes but fine tuned to exacting specifications

Prices start at $250 U.S.


Tuning Slides:

Tuning slides are available in 3 styles: square (stock Bach, Yamaha), or semi-square (SS), or New York Narrow. Slides are available annealed or un-annealed and in two bore sizes: ML.460 and L.462.

  • Square Slide best articulation, center and slotting.

  • Semi Square looser slotting and less resistance than square slide

  • New York Narrow great slotting and dense center of sound.

Prices start at $250 U.S.

From left to right: Square Slide, Semi Square Slide, New York Narrow Slide

From left to right: Square Slide, Semi Square Slide, New York Narrow Slide