The Process

Leadpipes and Tuning Slides

Leadpipe Tapers:

“O” Free blowing Orchestral sound, designed specifically for C trumpet to make the G at the top of the staff manageable. It’s like a Bach #7 on steroids. Also works very well with the Bb if you want you trumpets to match

“L” Long tapered pipe great for C trumpet. More resistant than the “O” pipe Great for Orchestral work as well as solo and chamber settings.

“OT” Somewhere between the “O” and the “L” more ope than the “L” great for C or Bb trumpet

“N” designed specifically for the New York Narrow tuning slide. Works well on Bb or dense Brilliant core. Free blowing with excellent slotting “5” similar to a Bach 25 taper good all around taper. Best for Bb also available in a reversed stye for the Bb trumpet.

All pipes available in a hidden reversed style for C Trumpet. Standard construction for Bb or the “5” pipe can be built in a reversed style for Bb.

Bb Trumpet Leadpipes

4 tapers are available as well as different materials used in the construction of the leadpipe. The venturi of the pipe is precisely matched to the individual player.

Prices start at $250 U.S.

C Trumpet Leadpipes

Reverse Style "H" Style "A" Style Dimensionally similar to existing Bach and Malone pipes but fine tuned to exacting specifications

Prices start at $250 U.S.

Tuning Slides:

Tuning slides are available in 3 styles: square (stock Bach, Yamaha), or semi-square (SS), or New York Narrow.

Slides are available annealed or un-annealed and in two bore sizes: ML.460 and L.462.

Square Slide best articulation, center and slotting.

Semi Square looser slotting and less resistance than square slide

New York Narrow great slotting and dense center of sound.

Prices start at $250 U.S.